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Hey, I’m Trista. You’ll find me at the helm of Trista DeVries + Co, the boutique marketing and web design agency, dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs let their magic shine.

I work with a hand-picked roster of creative badasses. Together, we take what makes you special and turn it into personalized marketing (…that your dream customers can’t resist!)


If you’re looking to reach your dream customers in an authentic way, without the pressure to be ‘perfect’, you’re in the right place. Our services are customizable, so you get just what you need (and nothing you don’t).

Whether you’re looking for a remote marketing team, or you just want a helping hand getting started, we’d love to make a package just for you. Click here to start chatting.


We’ll show you how to attract your dream customers by simply being yourself


We’ll help you sound ‘just like you’ with effortless, fun and natural copy

Web Design

We’ll turn your website into a customer attracting machine!

Social Media

We’ll show you how to excite your followers and get them talking

Visual Design

We’ll use gorgeous design to make you stand out from the crowd

Content Strategy

We’ll show you how to write content like the expert you are

“Trista went above and beyond. None of us were web experts and she took the time to explain how the site would work, how to best use it and what we could do to make sure we got the clicks. When we had questions after that fact, she replied quickly and clearly. We never felt there was a wrong question to ask.”

Kiva Reardon, cléo


Whether we’re working together to build you a new brand, or we’re just adding some polish to your marketing to take it to the next level, we work through these four steps to make it happen.

1. uncover it

1. uncover it

First, we find out what makes you amazing. We want to know everything – like who you serve and why you do it.

2. plan it

2. plan it

Next, we build a personalized plan that your dream customers won’t be able to resist.

3. do it

3. do it

Then, we put the plan into action – we build websites, create visuals, and write copy that shows off what makes you special.

4. own it

4. own it

Finally, we share your marketing with the world, let your magic shine, and the customers just come walking in the door! (Bonus: You feel like a Rockstar.)

are you ready?

are you ready?

Are you ready for no-worry marketing?
Are you ready to authentically connect with your customers?
Are you ready to let your magic shine?