Butterfly Books

Website design

Helen, the founder of Butterfly Books, came to me to build her dream website; a monthly book subscription service for children. Each month, a child receives a specially curated, gift wrapped book in the mail. It makes getting a book an event — and reading it an even bigger one.

Helen needed a complex e-commerce site that would allow her to take information about the child’s likes, dislikes, and preferences at the time of subscription.

Together, we designed a website that provides a warm and welcoming feel to parents, grandparents, or anyone looking to give a child the gift of reading.

Trista helped me build my business from nothing to a blog and e-commerce website. In fact, it was conversations with her and the deadlines she set that actually got me moving forward to go from a plan to a reality.

Trista helped me create my business, and to make my vision a reality. And then helped me to grow and change that business as I came up with new ideas and needs.

Helen Antoniades, Owner

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