About Me

I believe you are too awesome
to have a crappy brand

Hi! I’m Trista. I’m a brand coach, web designer, and marketing junkie.

I’m super passionate about one thing: creating thriving brands for amazing women-identified business owners.

I know that in today’s noisy business world, your brand is no joke. You need a presence that connects with your customers and helps you stand out from the crowd. You need a presence that screams, “Hey dream customer! I’m right here. I’ve been waiting for you.”

My job is to create growth strategies that are tailored to you, your customers, and your goals. I help you cut through the noise and find your brand identity so you’re never left wondering where your next customer is coming from. I’m here to guide you while you create your big, thriving brand.

I started my business 8 years ago after spending years working in large companies to build someone else’s dream. For me, and so many women like me, my business wasn’t about the bottom line, it was about making a real, measurable positive impact in the world.

After working with more than 50 solopreneurs and building 3 thriving businesses of my own, I know more than ever that women-identified people do business in our own way. I also know the issues we face and the places we most often get tripped up. I know why we love our businesses, but I also know why we don’t grow.

Now, I support women-identified people just like me in seeing a clear path to the business they want. I believe in progress over perfection, showing up when you’re scared, and having a plan to get you where you want to go.

Here’s what people are saying…

“Trista was always available to talk through our concerns and questions, and always had great ideas to contribute. The process was collaborative, and whenever we were unsure about what direction to go in, she was able to pull us back on track. Her ideas were always on-brand and her suggestions were exactly what we hadn’t yet figured out we wanted.”

Katarina Gligorijevic & Colin Geddes, Ultra 8 Pictures

What does woman-identified mean?

I believe in every person’s right to express their gender in a way that makes them feel whole, comfortable, and amazing. I also choose to work with people who identify with feminine energy, which includes people who are cis-gender women, trans women, trans men, two spirited, and non-binary. That means you won’t find any icky gendered terms like “girlboss” or “womanpreneur” around here. It also means I work hard to make my business a safe space for all people.

Are you ready to build a thriving brand? Let's talk.

Branding, marketing, and web design for women-identified entrepreneurs. Because you are too awesome to have a crappy brand.

e: heythere@tristadevries.com
t: 647-696-9625